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Alina Khrapchynska and friends”The magic of art”

Galerie im Heuerhaus
Dötlingen, GER
6.7. - 28.7.2024

Alina Khrapchynska and friends “The magic of art” / Alina Khrapchynska und Freunde “Die Magie der Kunst”

After the great success of the exhibition in May this year, we are very much looking forward to another presentation of oil paintings by Alina Khrapchynska and other artists in the gallery in the Heuerhaus.
Attracted by the magic of Alina’s art you will also see paintings by MARINA DOBROVOLSKA, KHRYSTINA PRYMAK AND MONIKA RADEWICZ as well as sculptures by NORBERT SAMECKI, VOLODYMYR KOCHMAR and VLADYSLAV VOLOSENKO.

The Blockhaus Ahlhorn is also hosting an exhibition of works by Ukrainian and Polish artists.