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On the border of the Netherlands and Germany
  • Kevelaer Kerzenkapelle

  • Gnadenkapelle Aussen

  • Kevelaer Kerzenkapelle

  • Gnadenkapelle Aussen

The city of Catholic pilgrimage

As the largest Catholic pilgrimage town of north western Europe, Kevelaer attracts more than a million pilgrims a year. In the 19th century, artist Friedrich Stummel found himself called to the same purpose. He painted a large number of churches, such as the confessional chapel in Kevelaer, the church of St. Pankratius in Anholt, the Chapel of Grace in Kevelaer, and the painting of St. Mary’s Basilica (also in Kevelaer). In these artworks, Stummel used water glass painting as a painting technique. 

More artists followed his lead, and an artist colony evolved around him. This continues to have an impact on the city of Kevelaer today, with galleries, artisans, freelance artists and the Niederrheinisches Museum forming an integral part of the pilgrimage city. A mix of artists and traditional religion – come see the effect yourself!

Peter-Plümpe-Platz 12
47623 Kevelaer
+ 49 2832 122-991
Dr. Dominik Pichler
Peter-Plümpe-Platz 12
47623 Kevelaer
+49 2832 122-206
Niederrheinisches Museum für Volkskunde und Kulturgeschichte
Gallery Heinz Janssen
Busmannstraße 2
47623 Kevelaer
+ 49 2832 2281
Gallery Tobias Kocken
Haupstraße 21
47625 Kevelaer
+ 49 2832 78136
Gallery wort.werk
Busmannstraße 28
47623 Kevelaer
+49 15775438095
Ikonengalerie Stefka Michel
Kapellenplatz 11
47623 Kevelaer
+49 1704744017
Hauptstraße 40
47623 Kevelaer
+49 1725178380