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Around the river Tisza, Hungary


Celebrating art under the ancient trees

The beauty of the landscape surrounding Szolnok was first noticed by Austrian painter August von Pettenkoffen, who served as war correspondent during the War of Independence of 1848/49. In the following decades, he often worked here and his paintings made the region a favourite destination among his artist friends. Thanks to their interest, an artists’ colony was built and developed into the most important scene of the Alföld landscape and genre painting. Right from the start, the artists living in the colony belonged to the front-rank of Hungarian art – and they still do.

Having survived the storms of history, Szolnok is still one of the most important workshops of Hungarian art. The roughly 200-piece historical collection comprising all periods of the colony is preserved in the gallery of the Szolnok Damjanich Museum.

From 2002 on, the studio flats of Szolnoki Artists’ Colony started to accommodate ten artists: painters, graphic artists and sculptors. They stay for longer or shorter periods of time and every year, the place also hosts foreign artists for a period of six months. 

In addition, Szolnok Artists’ Colony organises 12 exhibitions for reputable domestic and foreign artists in the KERT Gallery. The team also organises the Articum Art Biannual and the Particum Open Air Sculpture Exhibition, which have already gained international reputation. Every June, at the ’ARTjáró’ General Art Festival, we celebrate the birthday of the colony under the trees of the ancient park with various programmes from all kinds of art.

From spring to autumn, the celebration includes one-week creative workshops on the premises.

The main artists who lived and worked here:

August von Pettenkoffen
Lajos Deák-Ébner
Sándor Bihari
Adolf Fényes
Vilmos Aba-Novák

Ferenc Szalay
Kert Gallery
12/12, Gutenberg Square
H-5000 Szolnok
+36 (056) 230 605
Damjanich János Múzeum
Kossuth tér 4
5000 Szolnok
+28 (056) 421-602

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