The Painters of Domburg

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Walcheren has always been a magnet for artists, fascinated by the beauty of the untouched nature, the extraordinary coastal light and its reflection over the flat land. The bizarre dune landscape, the sea and the old forests that surround the villages inspired painters, poets, composers and writers. They all came together in the coastal town of Domburg. ‘It's so beautiful outside, all colour, colour, colour and sun’, wrote the artist Jan Toorop emotionally during his stay in the seaside resort in 1908.

From 1870 onwards, Domburg developed into an Artists' Colony. It reached its peak with the artists Jan Toorop and Piet Mondriaan, who founded Dutch luminism. Numerous painters from home and abroad followed Toorop to work there, inspired by the surroundings and the characteristic inhabitants of Zeeland. The so-called Domburg Exhibitions (1911-1921) established an even closer bond between the artists. The First World War slowly heralded the end of the Domburg Artists' Colony.



In German and in Dutch
Author: Francisca van Vloten

Publisher: WBOOKS Zwolle, 2018 / 2019
ISBN: 978 94 625 8260 6 (Dutch)
ISBN: 978 94 625 8357 3 (German)

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