25.05. - 30.06.3018

Kunstmühle Schwaan
Mühlenstraße 12, Schwaan


Five artists from Saskatoon in Canada have a longstanding tradition. Once a year they go on a painting tour always along the 53. Latitude. This year, the artists are visiting Mecklenburg. For the first time, they left the American continent together.


Four of these Canadian artists have come to Schwaan for a two-week stay at the invitation of the Friends and Supporters of the Art Mill.


This meeting is thanks to two colleagues. Ken Van Rees from the University of Saskatoon, a Professor of Soil Science, and Professor Peter Leinweber of the Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences Rostock. Both got to know each other through science, paint with passion and have been in close contact for years.


The four men, follow the tradition of the Schwaan painters, who worked in the Mecklenburg town more than a hundred years ago, and also found along Warnow and Beke impressive motifs for their works. For two weeks, guests from central Canada have had the opportunity to spend time in the north of Mecklenburg in order to give a personal touch to a "piece of nature" in the natural light, shadow conditions, and natural colors of the respective landscape.


Trips to the region around Schwaan with visits to Bützow, Rostock and the Baltic Sea coast were part of the program. They did it with joy and were productive.


In the exhibition at the art mill Schwaan, the resulting paintings will be on display until the end of June.


The sponsoring association has supported the plein air with materials and other things that belong to such art stay.


As a guest painter, the Berlin painter Barbara Nowy joined this group. She is already known to the citizens of Schwaan. She has been traveling with painting students in the village and its surroundings for many years.

For the "plein air" working weeks she represents the ill painter Roger Trottier of “men who paint” and also likes to take over the function of a tourist guide, after all it is up to the Canadian guests to discover "Mecklenburg in its early summer beauty"


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