45 years Galerie Cohrs-Zirus

17. Nove,ber - 31- Dezember 2018


Galerie Cohrs-Zius
Bergstraße 33, 27726 Worpswede


Forty-five years old, certainly not a big birthday, but a beautiful one!
We look forward to seeing you at our new exhibition - arranged according to the Faustian motto: "He who brings many things, will bring something to some". 
Agnes Sander-Plumps "Little Colored Man in a Red Jacket" - again and again the artist, we have known her well, brought children from near and far to her studio to paint them - would like to make your acquaintance and forward them to the Hand drawings, graphics, sculptures, collages and paintings by Otto Modersohn to Ellida Schargo von Alten, the life partner Richard Oelzes, and the great, wonderful girl's torso by Joachim Karsch from 1923.

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