A landscape will deepen if you come more often

February, 15th - March, 3rd 2019

DUNAatelier on the Duinplein
Boulevard 31, Katwijk


Images of Spanish landscapes made by the three friends Bram Stoof, Alex Verduijn den Boer and Remco de Waard. These can be seen from 15 February to 3 March on the ground floor of the DUNA atelier on the Boulevard in Katwijk. All work is figurative, directly to the observation and not made with photographs. "From the coast to the plateau" is the title of the exhibition.
The collaboration was established during the Katwijk painters' week 2014. Bram Stoof and Alex Verduijn den Boer got to know each other there. They were housed in the same house and became big friends. Since then they have been working together in the Spanish plateau, where Alex Verduijn den Boer is co-owner of a farmhouse from the sixteenth century in the village of Jarque de la Val in the province of Teruel in the south of Aragón. To make the farm profitable, they give painting courses there. Remco de Waard, befriended by Bram Stoof, came to this. Of course, the three friends there also make free work.

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