A Piece of Nature - Pleinair

October, 7th - November 4th, 2018


Kunstmühle Schwaan
Mühlestraße 12, Schwaan



15 years art museum

We put in the anniversary year every month, painters, events and peculiarities
museum work from previous years. The monthly presented exhibitions
gave an insight into the previous research, collection and documentation
only artist colony in Mecklenburg.

With today's pleinairs, we offer contemporary artists the opportunity to make new ones
To open up forms of expression in order to feel the reality directly again, too
experience and redisplay, as once the painters of the Schwaaner artists' colony.
For locals, the sight of a painting artist at the easel is now no
Rarity more. Have in the last 15 years 6 national and 2 international Pleinairs
contributed to bringing the painting "outside of nature" back to life in Schwaan. With this exhibition we show more than 60 works by 25 artists from Germany, Lithuania, Poland and Canada.



Anneliese Schöfbeck (D) | Barbara Nowy (D) | Gabriele Schulz (D) | Detlev Schwarz (D) | Annegret Göbeler (D) | Aistė Gabrielė Černiūtė (LT) | Piotr Dondajewski (P) | Rūta Eidukaitytė (LT) | TO Helbig (D) Filip Kalkowski (P) | Arvydas Kasauskas (LT) | Wiebke Loseries (D) | Jurate Mitaliene (LT) | Joanna Rusinek (P) | Grit Sauerborn (D) | Susie Vier (D) | Aleksandras Vozbinas (LT) | Lisa Jürß (D) | Dr. Luise Hartmann (D) | Lydia Kalt (D) | Cam Forrester (CDN) | Greg Hargarten (CDN) | Paul Trottier (CDN) | Ken Van Rees (CDN)

Sculptors in the Park: BARBARA NOWY | Arndt Weigend | Gertraude Bauer | Jürgen Kümmel 



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