About the disappearance

June, 7th - June, 23th


Dachauer Wasserturm
Hofgartenweg, Dachau


Disappearance is the working title of my current series, which is a reworking of old and new photographs. The pictures are from the 1950s to the 1970s or they are also highly up to date and are selected by me from private or public archives and then painted over with acrylic paint either translucent or opaque. This thin, semi-transparent application of paint creates an effect that makes the background fade ever farther: the image disappears partially.
The disappearance is a timeless subject and yet something that is forgotten over time. People disappear, again and again and everywhere. Be it refugees on the high seas, nearby ports, on Italian tomato farms or individuals in our seemingly safe world. They are quickly forgotten. Homeless women apparently disappear on the street and can not be properly recorded in statistics. They do not really exist. There is a large number of unreported cases.
Not only death, but also becoming "invisible" in everyday life is my concern. Older people are barely noticed in our ever-faster society, and the memories of loved ones fade over the years.
Nature and indigenous peoples are being pushed further and further back. The glaciers in the Alps and the icebergs in the Antarctic are melting and the habitat of many animals, like the polar bear and the bees are disappearing. People die in mud avalanches triggered by environmental disasters. The rainforest, along with more than 10,000 species, is being cleared and biodiversity is drastically reduced.

Sylvia Kirchhof

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