Against forgetting

December, 1st 2019 - January, 5th 2020 


Robert Koepke-Haus
Polhof 1, Schieder-Schwalenberg


Every year, the cultural agency of the Landesverband Lippe invites artists from the OWL region to a thematic exhibition. Thus, the multifaceted, diverse art scene of the region is presented with current works. This year, 30 artists worked on the subject of "Against forgetting".


The term "against forgetting" is closely linked to the memory of the crimes of the National Socialists and the Holocaust. These crimes must not be forgotten, nor lose any of their terror in the memory - so a fight against forgetting is announced. Many of the works in this exhibition deal with this theme, which must be kept alive in the collective memory.
However, there are also other works, personal memories of loved ones, for example, or of formative events, but also the memory of other political (in) deeds that should not be forgotten.


Participating artists:
Christel Aytekin - Henning Bertram - Christine Brand - Silke Budde – Annely Delker - Friedefrau Deutsch - Gisela Dombrink - Marion Doxie Delaubell - Ursula Ertz - Andreas Fuchs - Ewald Horstmann - Ursula Horstmann - Matthias Hosenfeldt - Petra Jammers-Wichmann -Christa Niestrath - Helga Ntephe - Rainer Nummer - Karin Oestreich - Gesa Reuter - Wolfgang Rose - Inga Rutzen - Theo Schäfer - Gary Schlingheider - Irene Schramm-Biermann -Günter    Schulz - Dagmar Stark - Erika Stumpf - Ernst Thevis - Reinhard Wolf - Klaus Zeitz


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