Art and / or politics?

April, 20th 2019 - January, 11th 2020


Heimatmuseum Hiddensee
Kirchweg 1, Kloster


Art and / or politics? This title is preceded by the exhibition on the Hiddensoer Künstlerinnenbund. Why? Because this alliance consisted of artists who had deliberately decided to live with and for the arts. For almost all women, this meant leading a life beyond the usual expectations. Many of the artists remained unmarried throughout their lives, many of them childless.


The women working on the island, who are associated with the female artist federation, were born between 1853 and 1890. Thus, they were barred access to regular study at an art academy. They received their training in private painting schools and studios. Only in 1919 did the state academic institutions open to female students. This was preceded by the adoption of the law on equality of women, which now found practical application here.


Clara Arnheim and Julie Wolfthorn were already involved in the "Association of Women and Art Friends of Berlin", who in 1919 deleted the "Friends of Art" from his name. Käthe Kollwitz - whether she was the source of ideas for the female artist federation or not - was the first professor to be appointed to the Prussian Academy of Arts. Henni Lehmann, daughter of a left-liberal politician, was born of social and social commitment, so to speak, in the cradle. Since 1907 regularly on Hiddensee, she founded a bird protection association here, was a founding member of the cooperative shipping company Hiddensee in 1919 and gave a loan in 1913 for the construction of the doctor's house. Elisabeth Büchsel, always modest yet brisk, was a member of several artistic associations.


With all the commitment to be perceived as an artist and not as a "Malweib", the economic aspect was not insignificant in founding the Hiddensoer Künstlerinnenbund. Some painters came from financially well-off families, others were dependent on the sale of their work.


On Hiddensee, artists met each other who were not politically active in the modern sense of the word, but who became politicians through their decision to make art. And so the initial question can probably be answered with: Art AND Politics!


"The island of Hiddensee was officially named HiddensOE in the founding year of the artists' association.

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