Art and / or politics?

April, 20th - October, 27th 2019


Heimatmuseum Hiddensee
Kirchweg 1, Kloster


The founding of the Hiddensoer Künstlerinnenbund was proclaimed 100 years ago in the Official Gazette of the Allgemeine Deutsche Kunstgenossenschaft and deserves attention today. After all, women also worked in other artists' colonies or regions popular with artists or visited existing painting schools there. But the painters usually did not get together or even organized exhibitions in a building just used for them, like the Blue Barn.

"Art and / or politics? The Hiddensoer Künstlerinnenbund "- under this title, thanks to generous lenders until January 2020, mainly graphic works by various artists will be presented. And we try to investigate the question of how much art, how much politics was involved in this alliance.

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