Art historical walk


29.04.2022 - 18:00 book here

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Let's get out into the countryside to study the land and its people! Away from the smoking chimneys of the city, out of the confines of the academic studios! Numerous artists followed this inner urge in the late 19th century. Thus, like-minded people also met here in the region, who came together in Augustenburg Castle to paint, discuss and form a new movement. The painters of the Grötzingen Colony broke new artistic ground and incidentally left behind a pictorial chronicle of the village and its inhabitants.
First experience the late 19th century of the Grötzingen Artists' Colony and then, during a short journey through time on site, the history of today's district.
The multifaceted tour is a supplement to the current, large special exhibition "Goddesses of Art Nouveau" in the Badisches Landesmuseum Karlsruhe.

Site Plan Grötzingen