Arthur Briët

March, 23rd - September, 29th 2019


Noord Veluws Museum
Winckelweg 17a,  Nunspeet


From 1884, Arthur Briët, who was born in Java, studied at the Royal Academy in Antwerp where he was a fellow student of Vincent van Gogh. Briët completes his art education in 1888 with the Prix d ’Excellence. After a stay in Paris, Italy and Belgium, he settled in the Netherlands in 1892. He discovers Nunspeet on a trek from Laren. From 1893 he was a resident of Nunspeet, the artists' village that was very popular because the picturesque subjects presented themselves here to a large extent. He resides alternately in the countryside of North Brabant, in Laren and in Nunspeet, where he develops into a renowned painter of tranquil farm interiors.

The exhibition provides an overview of the work of this artist who, in addition to intimate interior pieces and atmospheric landscapes, painted magisterial portraits. Briët owes his nickname "Rembrandt van de Veluwe" to the fact that, like his world-famous predecessor, he works with a strong light-dark contrast in his paintings. This special technique is an important characteristic of Rembrandt's style, called "clair-obscur", which was again inspired by the famous Italian painter Caravaggio. The handling of his brushes also shows that he had learned a lot from Rembrandt. Just like the great master, Briët combines both a naturalistic and impressionistic brushstroke.


Briët lived until his death in 1939 in Nunspeet on the edge of the Zoom. There are the small, shabby houses of the day laborers, who are the subject of his paintings. In order to maintain control over the arrangement for a painting, Briët sets up a "painter's hut" in his garden, a replica of such a peasant's room. He later buys such a house and moves it to his garden. In this way he always has this house as a source of inspiration for the farmers' houses, with which he has become known. Briët exhibits his work at home and abroad and sells paintings in both Saint Petersburg and Paris. In the Netherlands, work by Briët can be found in the Gemeentemuseum The Hague, the Centraal Museum in Utrecht, the Drents Museum in Assen, the Singer Laren, the Noord-Veluws Museum and various other museums.


Book about Briët
The exhibition shows a wonderful selection of works of art by Arthur Briët from ten museum collections and more than thirty private collections.

Van Spijk Art Books will be accompanied by a monograph on Arthur Briët, written by Williëtte Wolters-Groeneveld. The book is available for € 32.50 in the museum shop.

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