Artists in Masks

September 11th - September 30th 2021

Galleria comunale del Castello Aragonese
Piazza Castello, 4, 74123 Taranto TA, Italy

Initially scheduled from January 2nd to 23rd, 2021 at the gallery of the organization C.L.A.M. International in Taranto, Italythis exhibition will open on September 11th 2021!
Art at the time of COVID-19 has been more than ever an expression of the subject who has individually found reasons to create. 

The artist who relates to the natural elements in which he finds a source of inspiration, who investigates and interprets the human soul, has had to deal with isolation and restrictions and has dug into the hidden memories in the depths of his own home. 
Behind the mask of creativity, they have tried to exorcise the discomfort of loss of freedom, the pain of illness, the suffering of loved ones’ death, with the representation of fears, of uncertainties and challenges, of sharing or escaping from reality.

We all have forcibly given ourselves the time to get in touch with dimensions of our inner selves that we had kept dormant and we have faced moments of great uncertainty, looking for answers to questions and learning to manage virtual reality with different rhythms and strategies.


Poster AiM Tarento