February 12th - March 5th


Townhall Murnau am Staffelsee
Untermarkt 13, Murnau


Künstlervereinigung Tusculum e.V.
Kohlgruber Straße 2


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From 12 February to 5 March 2021, an exhibition by the pan-European artist group ARTISTS IN MASKS will be presented in two prominent locations in Murnau am Staffelsee: in the foyer of the town hall at Untermarkt 13 and in the Tusculum community studio of the Künstlervereinigung Murnau e.V. at Kohlgruber Str. 20.
According to the currently valid Infection Protection Measures Ordinance, museums and exhibitions will remain closed at least until 15 February 2021. It is uncertain whether the exhibition rooms in the Tusculum and the town hall will be allowed to open their doors after that. However, the exhibition ARTISTSINMASKS.EU can be visited virtually from 12 February, 12.00 noon ( Ordering works by telephone or online, which will then be collected in person at the exhibition venues, is also expressly permitted from 12 February.
However, the accompanying programme prepared for the exhibition ARTISTSINMASKS.EU has to be cancelled completely (lecture by the co-founder of the Künstlervereinigung Murnau e.V. Bernhard Kölbl, musical accompaniment to the vernissage as well as a serenade with the French flutist Christophe Formery and a clown show with Uta Schnuppe-Strack). It will now be replaced by a virtual accompanying programme ( from 12 February, the painter and author Gerd Lepic will read excerpts from his recently published book "93 Days in Italy" every day in front of a selected work in the exhibition.


ARTISTS IN MASKS have come together to translate the European idea into concrete artistic actions.
The group emerged from a cross-European action that the painter Gerd Lepic, who lives in Upper Bavaria, launched on the internet in April 2020 under the title MASKS. Due to the pandemic, it was no longer possible to get together physically, and joint work and art exhibitions were prohibited. Within a few months, MASKS developed into a collaborative project of creative people from the fields of painting, graphics, photography, music, drama and literature. At the centre of the internet presentations was a critical examination of the image of the mask in the times of the worldwide Corona pandemic. More than 40 artists from seven European countries participated in MASKS until summer 2020.


An informal artists' collective was formed out of this action. Under the name ARTISTS IN MASKS, it is now opening the way from an action limited in time and content to a sustainable collaboration, across Europe, in critical discourse on topics of cross-European significance and interdisciplinary.
In Europe, there is a multitude of important issues that should be dealt with artistically - a glance at the internet presences of the ARTISTS IN MASKS members shows that individual artists are already taking good care of them. The group, however, brings those who work independently into contact with each other. By inviting each other, visiting each other, getting to know each other and working together in concrete ways, they bring the European idea to life.
The central concern of the group is to respect and promote the diversity of European culture. At the same time, the ARTISTS IN MASKS work to ensure that the cultural and humanistic heritage contributes to cohesion, inclusion and well-being in our societies just as much as the current cultural productions in Europe.


The first joint action planned for January 2021 was an exhibition of visual arts works in Taranto, Italy. Due to the pandemic, this manifestation had to be postponed to a later, still undetermined, period.
The works initially intended for Taranto will now be shown in Murnau: photographs of the art project MASKS and original works by the ARTISTS IN MASKS (among others. Astrid Badstöber/Germany, Domenico Campagna/Italy, Christophe Formery/France, Anette Hilbrecht/ Greece, Patricia Hoffmann-Velte/Germany, Jan Kähler/Germany, Bernhard Kölbl/Germany, Joëlle Kuhne, France, Young-Soo Lee/Belgium, Gerd Lepic/Germany, Carmen Manco/Italy, Lee O'Connor/Greece, Eric Schaftlein/France, Schiro/Italy, Uta Schnuppe-Strack/Germany and Francisca van Vloten/Netherlands).
Parallel to this show, the group is launching the project "Artists in Masks presents: artists in masks" on the internet. In the course of 2021, short videos will be published successively in which members present themselves and their work. At the same time, some ARTISTS IN MASKS are working on an artistic statement on Brexit, which will probably be presented in the middle of the year.


12.02.-05.03.2021, Murnau am Staffelsee;
Opening hours, provided that the measures taken on the occasion of the Corona pandemic in enforcement of the Infection Protection Act (IfSG) allow public access: Town Hall: Monday-Friday: 8 a.m.-12 p.m., Tuesday and Thursday: 2 p.m.-4 p.m.; Tusculum Community Studio: Saturday and Sunday: 10 a.m.-6 p.m. each.
Virtual tour (
Virtual accompanying programme ( From 12 February, the painter and author Gerd Lepic will read excerpts from his recently published book "93 Days in Italy" for 22 days in front of each selected work in the exhibition.


Contact: Gerd Lepic, Alpenblickstraße 14, 82386 Oberhausen, Tel: 0171 5 60 70 82, Email:, Website:





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