July 1st - August 20th 2022


Stadtmuseum Klausen
Frag 1, Klausen


Outside - the definition of a location.
You are not involved. You remain in the periphery. Your motive is foreign to you - often distant.
But you are exposed to a temptation that you can hardly escape.
Curiously, your gaze tries to break through this boundary between outside and inside.
Like an explorer who tries to coax the secrets out of unknown phenomena, the painter
the painter in the unknown sets out to internalise his motif.
And that is where the miracle happens! The longer we look at the outward appearance, the more
the further we penetrate into the interior. Then we succeed in doing the almost impossible - we recognise the essence of things. Their language, vibrations, depths - indeed their soul. This adventure requires all the strength, passion, readiness to receive, openness and the corresponding skill to transform the view from the outside into a look inside. In August 2019, five female artists from Murnau set out to explore Klausen in this way in five days of painting. Maria Gasser, the mayor of Klausen at the time, was the originator of the project. The Association of European Artists' Colonies - euroArt, of which both Klausen and the Tusculum Artists' Association in Murnau are members, promotes the active exchange of artists between the individual artists' colonies.


Astrid Badstöber ventures into the world of the bizarre, the absurd. Her works glow in acrylic and the titles alone encourage the viewer to look behind the scenes: "Glück auf", "Entbehrung und Fülle", "Für und Wider", "Standhaftigkeit" and in her vision "Hinterm Berg" the viewer enters a fantastic world behind the rock gate.


Andrea Ernst approaches the subject with a drawing pencil and ink. Especially the stones - timeless, eternal and brittle - set in motion by the wild waters, she has brought to life in graphically transformed images. The homage to Albrecht Dürer - here captured in acrylic - also allows us to retrace the footsteps of famous fellow painters.


Helga Kölbl opens the way to the world of collage. In delicate, infinitely floating and fine compositions made of a puff of tissue paper, we recognise in the delicate structures that everything is connected to everything else. That is why she also calls her cycle "Touch".


Greta Rief shows the variety of impressions in her works, which she processes in different techniques. The untamed waters in the etching cycle "Panta rhei'", the terraced landscape in the watercolour "Treppauf-Treppab", the grandiose landscape barrier of the rocks "Ehrfurcht" and "Unter freiem Himmel" in acrylic. "The Threat" - a work with charcoal and pastel.


Christine Zellner approaches the subject in the technique of etching. Sharp lines, reduced, compressed and abstracted, she shows the rough side of this otherwise seemingly romantic place. "Castle Rock", "Autostrada", "Heaven and Earth", "Home and Connection", are just some of her titles in the etching series.


The exhibition shows the many facets of Klausen in an exciting exhibition, created after overcoming the "view from the outside"!


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