Astrid Gamper

August, 08th - September, 21st 2019


Stadtmuseum Klausen
Frag 1, 39043 Klausen Chiusa BZ 


"Under the skin"
Not because I "think", but because I "feel"


Obviously, Astrid Gamper transforms the Cartesian ego-consciousness into something sensuous, because - to fathom this - she herself "gets under the skin". This carries a lot of danger, a lot of vulnerability, but it's a ruthless world into which their characters are "thrown"

What is being seen is a process of perception, an exploration of the moult as perceived layers of consciousness, uncovered or snatched from the body.
In other words, disenchanted in its natural being, estranged from itself, art longs to penetrate the corporeal. With Astrid Gamper, she succeeds layer by layer, dramatically and figuratively, by putting nature on the outside "on and in" the body

If one delves into the network of line strokes unloaded under high tension, one becomes enthralled in the shuddering of one's own nakedness before the fragility of these defenselessly revealed formations. The beauty of this conflict, however, is that it becomes a sensually meaningful event

Georg Demetz


Astrid Gamper, born 1971 in Brixen, studied graphics and fashion design in Freiburg and Pforzheim / Germany. She lives and works since 2000 in Klausen

In her most recent works, Astrid Gamper overlays her large-format drawings with paper layers, which she places on and around the bodies in order to remove them in places. In this intensive process between applying and detaching, between enveloping and hurting, the artist shows the sensitivity and vulnerability of life and our human existence

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