December, 1st 2019 - January, 5th 2020


Boulevard Zeezijde 31, Katwijk


Contrary to what the title "Buitenland" of the new exhibition in the DUNAatelier suggests, the new exhibition shows Dutch landscapes as well as foreign ones. What the exhibited works have in common is that they are made "en plein air", so according to observation in the open air.
From Sunday 1 December to 5 January, visitors will see about fifty works by Theo de Feyter, Lau Heidendael, Bert Osinga, Joanna Quispel, Wendelien Schönfeld and Kris Spinhoven on Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 1:30 PM and 4:00 PM. "It is about paintings in oil, acrylic or mixed media, drawings, pastels, etc. It can be anything," says De Feijter. "The works have in common that they are made realistic and perceptive. In short: Buiten-land, is an exhibition of landscapes of outdoor painters.

All artworks are exciting, carefully and professionally made, De Feyter promises. "This care is mainly about looking," De Feyter explains. "You can see very well how the artist looked. The motifs are very well analyzed and analyzed in terms of color and shape. Every exhibitor does this in a different way. That makes it exciting. The result is a delay in the sense of time."
Anyone who calls the exhibited work photographic is completely wrong. "We do not work on the basis of photos," says De Feyter. "Photography is something completely different. Our work is characterized by the fact that the motif has been properly dissected. That there is a good look at what happens in the color, in the form and in the reflection. That does not necessarily result in photographically painted works. They remain interpretations of reality. "

Dutch word
All exhibitors from Buitenland are members of the Katwijkerkring, a national association of plein-air painters. De Feyter: "I prefer to speak of 'outside painters' rather than 'en plein-air painters'. That is a good Dutch word." - exhibited together much earlier, also outside Katwijk.
The Katwijk Circle has about thirty members a year after its foundation, all specialists in the field of painting from observation. Paintings made for perception are enjoying a growing popularity. "That used to be different," says De Feyter. "To set up a group like the Katwijkerkring, there must be enough artists who are involved in painting outside. They are there now."

Where: DUN Workshop: Duinplein, Boulevard Zeezijde 31, 2225 BB Katwijk
When: 1dec. 2019 to Jan 5 2020 Friday to Sunday 1.30 pm to 4 pm

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