Bunt aufgetischt: Horsd’œuvre

June, 28th - June, 29th 2019 - Grötzingen


Bunt aufgetischt: Horsd’œuvre


This year, the 9th Grötzinger cultural mile in the center of Grötzingen begins with the "colorfully tapped barrel tapping".
Guntram Prochaska as Artistic Director has put together a multifaceted artistic program again.
More than 20 live acts will be performed on 3 stages, as well as dance performances and the 6th Grötzinger Poetry-Slam.
Artists present their works in sometimes unusual places and the like. in the underground garage of the meeting place
as well as in the construction site of the still to be opened art framework N6.
A craft market in the Niddastrasse up to the leaf area complete the artistic program. And families will not miss out either, because on Sunday, which begins with an ecumenical service, an entertaining program for young and old is offered on the Niddaplatz.

The clubs of the Grötzinger ArGe tables are colorful and spoil guests from near and far with culinary delights.



With the motto "Bunt aufgetischt" presented this year the cultural district of Grötzingen at the cultural mile.
On the eve of the 9th cultural mile Grötzingen invite the exhibiting artists to a vernissage or the hors d'oeuvre.

At several exhibition venues in the center of Grötzing, art works can be viewed in peace and quiet before the hustle and bustle. Come into conversation with the artists and enjoy the special creative atmosphere in the cultural district.

Exhibitions take place in the following locations:

-       Begegnungsstätte Grötzingen, Niddastra. 9 - von der Tiefgarage bis zum Dach

-       Kunstfachwerk N6, Niddastraße 6

-       Rathaus II, Rathausplatz 2

-       Schultheiß-Kiefer-Str. 6 bei den Heimatfreunden Grötzingen e.V.

-       Schultheiß-Kiefer-Str. 5 im KUBA 

-       Niddastr. 26 bei Benjamin Bigot

-       Farrenstall am Laubplatz hinter der Feuerwehr

-       Friedrichstraße 18


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