Change of View

March, 17th - April 22nd


Galerie Altes Rathaus
Bergstraße 1, 27726 Worpswede


The photographer Gabi Anna Müller takes the viewer into distant cultures and foreign worlds away from the tourist highlights in North Africa and South Asia.
She has lured from the camera to unknown places and let lead in unimagined side streets. Her motivation is her curiosity for the world and her sympathy for people who do not live on the "sunny side". She is looking for a look with them - change of perspective.
With the camera, she captures their everyday life and their living spaces, both clear and human at the same time. Her pictures are photographic forays, they tell of religious diversity, spiritual wealth and colorful beauty.
In the streets of the cities, the photographer encounters people who are searching for the whence and where of life, shaped by divine belief, deep poverty and hope.

Gabi Anna Müller invites you to change her perspective with her photographs - to leave one's own location for moments, to sharpen one's view of the strange and the unknown, and to critically see our affluent society as well.

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