Citizens' Dialogue in Kazimierz Dolny

euroArt organizes, along with the artists’ colony of Kazimierz Dolny (Poland), a conference, on April 12th, 2018, on the theme « Far away from capitals - Artists’ colonies as bridgebuilder for a new togetherness in Europe ? ».


At a time when anti-EU feelings are increasing, a strong « pro-European awakening » is more thane ver needed. This « awakening » will even be stronger if it comes from the citizens themselves, directly from the regions of Europe. euroArt, as a network particularly rooted in rural areas, may have a its role to play in raising this European awareness and in facilitating the dialogue between us.


This initiative, supported by the European Commission, will be hosted by the Museum Nadwiślańskie in Kazimierz Dolny and will count on the presence of an EU representative as well as representatives from euroArt members, Moret-sur-Loing and Cernay-la-Ville (France), Ahrenshoop and Schwaan (Germany) and Kazimierz Dolny.


If you are interested to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Information Sheet

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Site Plan Kazimierz Dolny