April, 20th - July, 15th 2019


Museum der Havelländischen Malerkolonie
Beelitzer Str. 1 / Ecke Dorfstraße
14548 Schwielowsee / OT Ferch


Coinciding with the emergence of artists 'colonies in the 19th century, artists' associations were founded in cities and cultural centers. The Verein Berliner Künstler (VBK) is the oldest German artist association, the predecessor of which had already been written in 1814. A larger number of painters who were members of the VBK also worked in Havelland. They sought the nature and beauty of this area to devote themselves to their artistic focus, landscape painting. Light, air, sun, the waters of the lakes and the Havel, cloud games, villages, bridges, trees, boats, dreamy places, winter landscapes seem like a counter-concept to the turbulent bustle of the capital. 37 painters, who in the narrower sense can be counted among the circle of the Havelländischer Malerkolonie and at the same time were members of the VBK, have so far been identified.

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