Conrad Kickert

April 26th - May 12th 2019


Orangery of the Abbeye des Vaux de Cernay
Cernay la Ville


The 6th anual exhibition of the Association des Peintres en Vallée de Chevreuseis dedicated to the Dutch painter Conrad Kickert (1882-1965). The exhibition runs from April 26thtill May 12thin the sumptuous setting of the Orangery of the Abbeye des Vaux de Cernay(Cernay-la-Ville, France)


The opening ceremony on April 26thwas attended by more than 300 people, among which , Mr Pieter Gooijer, the ambassador of the Netherlands to France, Mr Pierrre Bedouelle, secretary general of euroArt, Mr René Mémain, mayor of Cernay-laVille, Mrs Chantal Rance, deputy mayor of Cernay-la-Ville in charge of cultural affairs and Mr Christian Gard, grandson of the artist.

Dimitri Dutat, president of the association, paid tribute to the painter  who had lived in Paris and fell in love with the Chevreuse Valley. He moved to the area where he lived for 4 years at the Enclos de Talouand was burried alongside his wife in the cemetry of Choisel, a neighboring village.

Self-taught painter, art critic at age 22 an art collector, Conrad Kickert, le Montparnassien, created the MKK, a modern art circle. Much influenced by his contemporary peers, he began his career as a cubist and after a trip to Perros-Guirec, Brittany, France, his subject matter evolved more and more towards nature and his style became more figurative.

70 paintings, loaned by the museum of Chazes in Saint Jacques des Blats in the Cantal, are exhibited together with 20 contemporary sculptures by artists of the association and the Dutch sculpter and guest of honnor Pauline Marcis-Eecen.


Mr Pieter Gooijer praised the "Beauty" of the paintings and the natural setting of the Chevreuse vallley. He noted that the painter belonged as much to the Netherlands as to France and concluded, with the approach of the European elections, on the necessity of a strong Europe.

For his part René Mémain described Conrad Kickert as the most French of the Dutchmen and traced a page of local history of the migration of thousands of  Dutch farmers moving to Fance in the late nineteenth early twentieth century, due to the lack of farmland in their homeland.


At the end of the ceremony, the museum of Chazes, represented by its president Marjolijn Heineken, offered the painting "The Yvette in autumn", to the Association des Peintres en Vallée de Chevreuse.The painting will find its place in the town hall of Cernay-la-Ville next to the many paintings of 19thcentury landscape painters of this artists' colony.

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