May, 19th - July, 26th


Neue Galerie Dachau
Konrad Adenauer Straße 20, Dachau


with works by Mariola Brillowska, Anna Dietze, Remigiusz Dulko, Roman Kalarus, Johannes Karl, Heiko Klohn, Nina Märkl, Florian Marschall, Annekathrin Norrmann, Paweł Warchoł, Wolfgang Sand and Jozef Hołard (†)
The large exhibition project "30 Years of Friendship with Artists" and "5 Years of Dachau-Oświęcim County Partnership" has to be postponed to 2022 due to the corona pandemic. Nevertheless, there should be an exhibition this year with works by artists from the two cities, because friendship should not be put off.
An exhibition by the Neue Galerie in collaboration with the artists' association Dachau, Heiko Klohn and Florian Marschall

Site Plan Dachau