End of the World

September 25th - November, 1st 2020


Robert Koepke Haus
Polhof 1, Schieder-Schwalenberg


Maria Trezinski, Schwalenberg scholarship holder of the Landesverband Lippe 2020, created a series of monumental paintings especially for her final exhibition in the Robert Koepke House. They are mushroom portraits, consisting of two narrow vertical formats for the head sides in the back room ("The Couples [1,2]", each 360 x 110 cm, oil and spray paint on canvas, 2020), as well as a series of large-format works with mushrooms (“Twilight [1- 4]”, 170 x 130 cm, oil and spray paint on canvas, 2020). These large-format works are complemented in the exhibition by several image blocks of small-format mushroom motifs on different backgrounds (30 x 40 cm).

Maria Trezinski finds the motifs for her paintings in nature. She is looking for objects that fascinate her with their texture and structure, but which often seem strange to the viewer. She not only paints plants and mushrooms, but also greatly enlarged insects such as beetles, wasps or flies. Her gestural paintings in expressive colors are complemented by sections with very precise, fine brushwork.

During her stay in Schwalenberg, Maria Trezinski realized another room installation for the Robert Koepke House, which deals with travel diaries and sketches from research travelers - especially Charles Darwin and Alexander von Hum-boldt. Research travelers often supplemented their notes and sketches with work samples and natural objects such as bird skins or seed pods.
The installation consists of a combination of paintings in various formats, ceramics and found objects from the area. Trezinski thus creates visual interplay between the individual works and imitates the opulence of the chambers of curiosities, which in the age of Renaissance and Baroque were supposed to represent the state of science and research in a luxurious way.


In addition to the works by Maria Trezinski, most of which were created during her fellowship in Schwalenberg, the exhibition shows works by the guest artist Nina Rezagholinia from Cologne. Since studying together in Braunschweig, the two painters have been friends of artists. The works will be presented from September 25, 2020 to November 1, 2020 in the Robert Koepke Haus Schwalenberg on an exhibition space of over 240 m².

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