euroArt partner of "Impressionisms routes"

euroArt is supporting the work carried out by the French association Eau & Lumière to obtain the label of "European Cultural Route", by the Council of Europe, for its Impressionisms routes creative project in Europe "Impressionisms Routes®"


"Impressionisms Routes®" aims at showing that the "pleinairiste" artistic movement, that flourished in impressionism, has greatly contributed all over Europe - and beyond - to a mutual understanding of people. It clearly meets our mission goals in euroArt, reason why it was decided to support this initiative.
Twelve routes have already been designed across France, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Spain andThe Netherlands. Further routes will be added as the project will move forward.
When the "European Cultural Route" label is obtained - which we hope by mid 2017 - all elligible euroArt members would benefit from it as part of "Impressionisms routes".


"Impressionisms Routes®" is now official candidate for the label, and is now in the process of being audited.


To know more on Impressionisms Routes :