Eva Kausche-Kongsbak

March, 17th - June, 16th 2019


Haus im Schluh
Im Schluh 35-37, 27726 Worpswede



After a long absence, spring is finally back from Stockholm and can be viewed as usual in the house in the Schluh. In Sweden, too, the Vogeler painting deeply impressed visitors. In addition, the museum exhibits magical drawings, illustrated letters and book titles by Eva Kausche-Kongsbak (1918 - 2010) in a cabinet exhibition. The famous and yet unknown artist lived in 1945 with her husband - Martin Kausche - and her family in Worpswede. She created numerous book titles for major publishers such as Rowohlt, Ullstein and Kindler, Heyne and Piper - including for Eric Malpass' Morning at seven the world is still fine and also the unforgettable figure of little Florian for the magazine Frau im Spiegel with over 1 000 Consequences. As a freelance artist and draftsman, Kausk-Kongsbak devoted himself to classical themes such as landscape, portraiture and caricature. She had a special friendship with the archivist Hans-Herman Rief, who founded the Worpswede archive in the Schluh for Martha Vogeler.

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