Focus on landscape - Artists’ colonies in Belgium

10.03.2018 - 03.06.2018


Noord-Veluws Museum
Winckelweg 17a, 8071 DN, Nunspeet


Situated in the middle of the most beautiful national park of the Netherlands, the Veluwe, you can find Nunspeet. This village is not only famous for its artists’ colony, but also the perfect location for outside recreation like walking, biking and fun on the water. Since the Noord-Veluws Museum opened its doors in November 2014 it is also the place to go for art lovers. The museum displays a large variety of paintings - all made by artists living in and around Nunspeet. Until June 3 the museum will also exhibit paintings made by artists from artists’ colonies in Belgium.


In the exhibition the visitor takes a tour through Belgium’s rich and divers landscape. Starting in Anseremme in the Ardennes, you will go onwards to the Zoniënforest near Tervuren, followed by the moorlands around Kalmthout and the Limbourg Kempen with their marshes and wetlands surrounding Genk. From here you will go on to visit the beautifully meandering landscape created by rivers like the Schelde and the Dender of Dendermonde. Following these rivers you will end up at the coast of Belgium near villages like Knokke and Heist.


This exhibition offers a unique opportunity to encounter Belgian realists and impressionists as Hippolyte Boulenger, Joseph Coosemans, Alphonse Asselbergs, Louis Dubois, Isidore Verheyden, Theodore Baron, Lucien Frank and Guillaume Vogels.


The museum shows a beautiful selection of some extraordinary works that belong to the private collection of Barat-Venker, managed by Bruno Barat, art-historian and gallery-owner. In the exhibition you can discover the unique character of different artists’ colonies, who had such a great influence on European art in the second part of the nineteenth century.



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