Gehard Demetz

September, 28th - November, 2nd 2019


Stadtmuseum Klausen
Frag 1, Klausen BZ


In psychoanalysis, introjection is the reverse process of projection, that is, foreign intuitions, motives, behaviors are incorporated into the self. It is not about the legitimate forms of learning, but about imitations that are actually alien to the self and to serve as a defense against feelings of inferiority (Stangl 2019).

By assembling-melting together two or more "personalities" an autonomous form arises. It dissolves two (or more) stories, creating a self-contained sculpture. The historical, Emotive is partly lost.
In the sculpture "21 grams", the fusion of the two figures, Ghanesh and a child, dissolves the religiosity of the one and the infantile of the other. The result can hardly be regarded as a figuration.


Gehard Demetz (Bolzano 1972) lives and works in Selva BZ. After studying at the Istituto d'Arte with a specialization in sculpture and an internship with Matthias Resch, Demetz graduated in 1995. From 2000 to 2001 he deepened his education with various lecturers at the International Academy in Salzburg Since 1996, he worked as a professor at the Sculpture School in Ortisei, and then from 2007 to devote himself entirely to his artistic activity.
Already in 2005 he started his collaboration with the gallery Rubin in Milan. A post in the Herald Tribune opens in 2009 the possibility of his first exhibition in America in the gallery Greenberg - Van Doren.
In 2010 his collaboration with Galerie Beck & Eggeling in Düsseldorf and in 2011 the collaboration with the Jack Shainman Gallery begins. Jack Shainman will henceforth become Demetz's "First Gallery", presenting his works at various international art fairs, including Art Basel in Miami, the Armory Show in New York, and Frieze New York.
In 2017, his third solo show with Jack Shainman followed in Chelsea, New York, after "Treshold space" and "Invocation".
Since 2011, several exhibitions have followed in museums such as the Kunstmuseum Mühlheim an der Ruhr, the Kunstmuseum Bochum, the National Academy Museum in New York, the MOCA Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, the Akron Art Museum, the Crocker Museum in Sacramento, the MACRO in Rome and the Museo Palazzo Ducale in Mantua.

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