General Meeting 2020

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemie we have to postpone our planned General Meeting in Volendam to the year 2021. 

Nevertheless, we must and want to have a small meeting. It is just the mini version of our normal meetings. We will dedicate the activity and financial report as usual, as well as time for personal exchange.

This meeting will take place from 02 and 03 October 2020 in Grötzingen (Karlsruhe) in Germany. 

On October 2nd there will be a dinner together, on Saturday October 3rd the actual meeting will take place until the early afternoon.


Draft schedule:



Arriving and Dinner (Place is not fix yet)



10.00 - 15.00 General Meeting (Activity Report, Financials etc, Presentations of Municipality of Heikendorf, Municipality of Ferch, Art-association Hiddensee, Overbeck-Museum Bremen, Simonskall/Institute Moderne im Rheinland)

16.00 City Tour by Bus incl. Visiting a museum (ZKM or the Art Hall Karlsruhe)

20.00 Dinner in the Hotel Blauer Reiter

Here is an overview of the available hotels in Grötzingen. You are also welcome to contact me if you would like to participate. Of course, since we also want to keep the risk as low as possible, we would appreciate if only one person per member is present.


Hotel Blauer Reiter
Double Room: 133€ / Single Room 113€ incl. Breakfast

Hotel Zum Erwin
Single room: 82-92 € incl. Breakfast
Hotel Maison Suisse
Appartment-Haus 1463 in Grötzingen