Greta Rief

May, 11th - June, 22nd 2019


Stadtmuseum Klausen
Musei Civico di Chiusa
Frag 1 . Via Fraghes 1
39043 Klausen . Chiusa BZ


In the open air: alive, directly connected to the elements, guided by the seasons with their ever-changing structures, colors and forms of appearance. This is the broad field of work of the graphic artist and painter Greta Rief.


Greta Rief sees her work as dialogue protocols between herself and nature, captured in
Snapshots with a pointed feather and a soft brush. The combination of linear structures in the drawing and the color surfaces in the painting forms an exciting interplay. As a result, Greta Rief can also be stimulated to abstractly implement a superficially real sensation. So the free sky is also an expression of a free spirit, of free will and of the bond with artistic freedom. Above all is the artistic freedom.


Greta Rief, born 1953 in Upper Bavaria. After completing her studies at the Graphic Arts Academy in Munich, she first led her way into advertising. After years of earmarked work developed the desire for a natural life on the
Country. With the foundation of the painting school "Malinsel" one of artistic started Freedom marked part of life. In the close connection of life on one's own Farm, many painting journeys, work in the studio and in the etching workshop created authentic watercolors, acrylic paintings, reverse glass paintings and etchings, of which numerous can be seen in this exhibition.


Greta Rief was artistic director of the joint studio Tusculum from 2013 to 2019 the artist association Murnau e. V. The Tusculum is an independent member since 2017 at euroArt, recorded during the euroArt General Assembly in Klausen. By merging the most important artists' colonies in Europe moves also the exhibition exchange within the euroArt members in the focus of cultural Idea of ​​a comprehensive European idea. This exhibition shows a contemporary aspect of how art works in the "Blue Land" the cradle of the Blue Rider, today can present.

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