Horst Leyendecker

March 18th - April 19th 2020


Kunstfachwerk N 6
Niddastraße 6, Karlsruhe


"I have to unite with my clouds, snow and rocks in order to be what I am." This sentence by Caspar David Friedrich formulates exactly what I aim for. I work with my own color photos, I find motifs enough in every season.

As a lowlander - I come from the lower Rhine region on the left - I am particularly fascinated by the high mountains with their rich treasure of abstract-looking views. I have my strongest natural experiences there. The concrete engagement with nature and the constantly renewed experience of the landscape are the decisive impulses for my painting. During long hikes, I soak up a lot of impressions, which are then converted into pictures directly in the studio. My aim is not to imitate a photo or to reproduce the air, snow and rocks in a way that is true to the original, but to create images that reflect my feelings and my soul."

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