How it was and is to be an adult

May, 12th 2020 - January, 24th 2021


Bezirksmuseum Dachau
Augsburger Straße 3, Dachau


From birth to death, human life is shaped by the place and the environment with their political, economic, social and cultural conditions. They shape our livelihoods. The third of the life cycle exhibitions deals with adulthood, i.e. the time of employment from entry to leaving the professional world.
Possession, occupation and marriage were among the prerequisites for starting a family. The state and church not only legitimized the biological and economic survival of the family, but also determined the purpose of life and the tasks of the adult individual. Most of the time we are no longer aware that there were different rules for the different stands, that a person without property was not able to marry and that there should be no offspring by the state. This and much more seems long ago. Nevertheless, social affiliation is still often defined today through social and economic conditions.

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