"... I can still see a small door after the northern polar sea."

November, 30th 2018 - April, 7th 2019


Kunstmuseum Ahrenshoop
Weg zum Hohen Ufer 36, Ostseebad-Ahrenshoop


Persecuted by the National Socialists, they left their homeland for Palestine, England, Scandinavia, the USA or South America: artists and literary writers, among them George Grosz and Tisa von der Schulenburg, Else Lasker-Schüler, Lea Grundig, Mascha Kaléko, Oscar Reins, Bert Brecht and Helene Weigel, Arnold and Beatrice Zweig and not least Anna Seghers. Almost all traveled before 1933 to the summer resort on the Mecklenburg and Pomeranian Baltic Sea coast. Or stayed later in Ahrenshoop.


At the center of the exhibition are the following questions that have so far been neglected in exile research: on which ships and from which ports did the endangered set out on their journeys into the unknown? Who helped them with obtaining passports, visas and boat tickets? Where was there financial support? How did the crossings go? Historical views of the respective ships, departure and arrival ports to sketch the shipping routes (legal and illegal, successful and tragically failed) - supplemented by paintings, drawings, watercolors, novel passages, poems whose motives and topics provide insights into the respective exile destiny. Selected works will be presented publicly for the first time.

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