Images in Katwijk

15. December 2018- 10. February 2019


Boulevard Zeezijde 31, Katwijk


During this exhibition we will show you bronze sculptures from the collection of the bronze-maker Steylaert. At Hans Steylaert many famous sculptors have their work cast in bronze. Steylaert can make everything that others think of and through his creativity he finds a solution for every problem. Whether it is an image of 3 centimeters or an image of 3 meters in size. For leading artists from home and abroad, bronze foundry Steylaert is therefore also a source of inspiration.


The deceased artist Gerard Brouwer had his sculptures made by this famous bronze founder. This is also the last man-sized statue of the Haringeters, which will be unveiled on Friday, December 14, in the Katwijk seabed. During the exhibition, beautiful tapestries by Marijke van Oostrum are also shown.

The exhibition can be visited on Saturdays and Sundays from 2 PM to 5 PM.

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