Imre Szakács 7x7

16.02. - 06.03.2018

Casa Bernárdy
Str. Horea 6
Marosvásárhely (Targu Mures), Transylvania


16.03. -10.04.2018

Teleky Magyar Ház
Minerilor (Thölöly) Utca 5-7



"Imre Szakács ans his pictures: his life and works form a single unit. This unit should be obvious when we examine and artist's life and their ouvre. Those who know Imre Szakács and look at his pictures can immediately recognize them as his; they cannot have been made by anyone else. 



Let us start a journey together with Imre Szakázs. (...):


Ahrenshoop: the land and the sea - there, where the two meet each other. The artist captures the view from above. Three different colors find each other: the green of the heartland surrounded by water, the yellow of the sandy seashore and the blue of the sea. There are no people. 


Balestrand: narrow fjords, seep cliffs and the calm sea appear to change throughout the day. The landscape is unreal and devoid of people. The hills appear in structured lines.


Barbizon: the mother of artists' colonies. Where life prevails without humans: plants and birds, the roots and branches of huge trees. There are weather-beaten rocks everywhere. Silent also reigns here.


Goa: the non-European exception, a slice of Paradise. The windows opening towards nature offer both insight a view out. They seem surprisingly concrete, like man-made forms. (...) Fire and fames; legendary creviced that stand like gates pointing in the direction of light; birds in brilliant landscapes; the ancient forms of life at the dawn of Creation.


Murnau: means blue, cloud-veiled mountains mixed with the brown of earth. Blue prehistoric creatures that look like those of the "Blauer Reiter" artists' group. In the rocks the shape of a fossilized animal (a horse) is emerging, and the landscape reflects in the mood of the sun.


Nagybánya: it once belonged to Hungary, and now it belongs to Romania, but above all it belongs to Europe. First the soft worlds appear in evening light. The bushes become bright trough the power of painting. And then something surprising: a tree divided in two equal parts remain connected as one. It art, what has been politically separated can remain intact. The red-gold and blue-white can overcome borders.


Szentendre: The artists' colony Szentendre would not have been founded without Nagybánya. For Imre Szakázs both are home, and home is nearly as old as the Word for us. The tree symbolized a quite life and old age. The branches are holding the bright, golden vision of the future. Colors are whirling, flowing like sonorous sounds. In the boles life is pulsating in red and gold. (...)"

Text: Claus Pese