25. November 2018 - 30.12.2018


Galerie Altes Rathaus
Bergstraße 1, 27726 Worpswede


The painter Ulrich Groß and the potter Hanne Casper got to know each other at one of their studio exhibitions in the "Old Pottery House" of Willi Ohler in Worpswede. This was the birth of the plan to launch a joint exhibition. Under the title »capers« they want to give an insight into the rich variety of their work.
As a guest the Bremen artist Janosch Casper was invited. With its color-intensive acrylic paintings that seem to be from another world, the exhibition "caprioles" is a wonderful addition to its variety.

The potter Hanne Casper moved in 2003 from Bremen to Worpswede in the »Old Pottery House» formerly Willi Ohler. Thus, with her deep attachment to nature, she found a special place and enough space to develop her own language in her artistic work. Clear shapes were created, which found their expressive power with colored engobes, various ashes, oxides and mud from the Wadden Sea. Over time, small picture stories, encounters from life, which find their place as painting on the clear ceramic vessels joined. There are also sculptures that connect with other materials such as wood, stone or metal.

Ulrich Groß studied painting in Hamburg and Vienna with Rudolf Hausner. His pictures, which are based on the world of ideas of surrealism, develop over the years an unmistakable language that moves further and further away from its origins. At the end of the 20th century he increasingly turned to photography. With his still lifes, he ties in with the composition of his painting. Another field of activity is his multi-faceted and colorful computer graphics.

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