Karl Gasser

April 2nd - June 18th 2022


Stadtmuseum Klausen
Kapuzinerkloster, Frag 1, Klausen


Karl Gasser was born on 6 April 1948 on the Huberhof farm in Pardell near Klausen. He has been painting since his earliest childhood. His thought on this: "I can't even remember that far back". Guests of his parents' farm encouraged him to attend the four-year art school in Brixen (1963-1967) with Prof. Conrad Peter Bergmann. His first paintings were bought by guests of the farm at that time. After graduating from the art school, Gasser travelled frequently to Munich and studied the old masters in the Pinakothek.


From Augsburg, Karl Gasser was able to gain a foothold in New York through a gallery owner. For more than two decades, where a small historic mill served him as an art studio, the artist lived alternately in his studio in New York and in his home town of Pardell. Gasser often told his family members about his colourful life in Manhattan, about celebrations with famous personalities and about the illustrious evening club Studio 54 and the art gallery of the same name. Since 1986, he has participated several times in Artexpo New York and in 1987 he also took part in Artexpo Los Angeles. The art magazine Manhattan Arts published an article on Karl Gasser in its spring 1995 issue, focusing on one of his favourite themes: awakening harmony between man and nature. The perpetual return of nature and the importance of water were illustrated in his work "New York and the Four Seasons".


He was proud of his "Gockel", which was shown at the Haus der Kunst in Munich and was well received. Gasser always took part in the spring exhibition of the Munich Artists' Cooperative from 1984 to 1990. His cosmopolitanism took him to many places in the world, and he spent his last years in Rattenberg in Tyrol. On 5 March 2017, Karl Gasser passed away in Brixen due to an incurable illness. Gasser's love of travel was overshadowed in the last years of his life by a great longing for home, which is reflected in his late work.

Martina Stubenruss


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