Karl Hagemeister

August 7th -October 10th 2021


Kunstmuseum Ahrenshoop
Weg zum Hohen Ufer 36, 18347 Ostseebad Ahrenshoop

On display are around 40 paintings, pastels and drawings by Karl Hagemeister (1848-1933), most of which were created in the last third of his life. "The unique quality of the work as a whole and of the late work in particular, as well as the fact that Hagemeister lived the philosophy of open-air painting to the last consequence like no other German Impressionist, predestine his œuvre for an exhibition in our museum," says Dr. Katrin Arrieta, Artistic Director at the Kunstmuseum Ahrenshoop. The show is part of a large-scale retrospective of Hagemeister's work, which was initiated in autumn 2017 by the Potsdam Museum as a cooperation project with the Museum Georg Schäfer in Schweinfurt and the Kunstmuseum Ahrenshoop. The aim is to rediscover the artist as an important pioneer of modern landscape painting in Germany.


Karl Hagemeister was born in Werder an der Havel and throughout his life was closely associated with the landscape of the Mark Brandenburg, its lakes, marshes and wide meadow landscapes. In the last decade of his extensive oeuvre - from 1908 to 1915 - Hagemeister spent every summer in Lohme on the island of Rügen.

It was there that he created those overwhelming coastal landscapes and seascapes that essentially make up his late work. Nevertheless, the Ahrenshoop Art Museum provides an insight into the general biographical background and milestones in the painter's artistic development. The period of training with Friedrich Preller in Weimar is represented as well as the years of friendship with Carl Schuch and the turn of both artists towards the Barbizon School. Max Liebermann, Walter Leistikow and Lesser Ury are represented from the circle of companions in the Berlin Secession, of which Hagemeister was a founding member. Hagemeister's late phase of work is represented by light-filled forest and riverbank pieces as well as some very freely painted meadow landscapes. The final highlight of the presentation is the massive wave paintings from Lohme.

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