Katwijk Painters Week 2019

July, 6th - September, 29th

DUNAatelier, Katwijk


Katwijk Schildersweek started with a historically hot day
The first day of Katwijk Painters Week 2019 was too hot for many to start working. Nevertheless, the sixteen participants decided to go out with easel, canvas and paint or with paper and colored pencil to paint in the open air. The heat will not show the quality of their work, three of them say firmly.
The exhibition of the little hundred larger and smaller works of art that the painters have made in and around Katwijk last week can be seen in DUNAatelier from Saturday 6 July to 29 August. Just like last year, many participants make a small painting of fifteen by fifteen centimeters for people with little space on the wall and for people who cannot or do not want to spend much money on paintings.
Young ladies
The heat produced nice scenes for the artists. Rarely have so many people been on the beach close to the water. Robin Akkerman unintentionally attracted the interest of a couple of young ladies. They asked Akkerman to capture them on the canvas. That work will therefore be in the DUNAatelier in the coming weeks. Other painters sought shade at Moods in the Woods, the concerts at the tree-lined Music School along the Zeeweg that is threatened with closure.
Nudist beach
The artist and watercolorist Michiel Schepers, who grew up in Wassenaar, makes - unlike his colleagues who immediately paint oil on canvas - drawings that he only uses later to make watercolors. He often composes several drawings into one larger work of art. Despite the heat, Schepers made many drawings on the first day: from marram grass and bathing bathers, to the shadows on the back of the Oude Kerk. When he returned to his temporary home, he worked them out in watercolors. He persevered by - in the absence of swimming trunks - cooling off in the sea near the nudist beach. He also drew the lady for whom he brought a parasol from the sea. She had no objection to posing for ten minutes.
The beach of Katwijk calls Schepers "almost another world" compared to the beaches of Wassenaar and Scheveningen. "You get a different feeling on the beach here in Katwijk than in Wassenaar or Scheveningen. Katwijk has a wonderful open, grand and clear atmosphere."
Own fat
The artist Bram Stoof completed the first day "purely on perseverance". "I was, as it were, cooked in my own fat. Together with Remco de Waard I worked under a tree in the Zuidduinen. We were both busy with tree parts. We started in the shade, but the sun is turning. In the end, we were full in the sun, because you want to continue working. Of course you don't want to come home with half a painting or a watercolor. Something that is made with blood, sweat and tears, so to speak, does not have to produce anything bad. "
Lots of interesting
Stoof's friend and colleague De Waard confirms: "We really didn't ruin it." This time he worked with colored pencil. He plans to concentrate on working with colored pencil in the coming period. "That is intensive and time-consuming. The fact that a maximum of three of my works are on display at the exhibition makes me happy. Bram Stoof and I could work for a few weeks after the Schildersweek because there are many interesting people."
If you want to see all the work that artists have made during Schildersweek 2019, you can visit DUNAatelier from Saturday 6 July to 29 September on Tuesdays to Sundays between 2 and 5 PM. In July and August when the weather is nice also from 7 pm to 9 pm. The exhibition space is located low on Boulevard Zeezijde, on Duinplein opposite the Vuurbaak next to the former restaurant De Zwaan in Katwijk.
Entrance is free

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