June, 8th - June 30th 2019


Boulevard Zeezijde 31, Katwijk


Colorful work in the second Katwijkerkring exhibition
The second exhibition of artists who belong to the Katwijkerkring shows colorful work by three plein air painters who use widely different painting techniques. Frans Bianchi, Jacob Kerssemakers and Anna Pavlova share the exhibition space in the basement of the DUNAatelier from 8 to 30 June. As former participants in the Katwijk painting week, this time they do not exhibit paintings made in Katwijk, but elsewhere.
"Anna Pavlova makes strong extrovert work," says Jacob Kerssemakers. "You almost experience it as a happy day outside. And on the other hand, Frans Bianchi who does not paint what he sees, but who uses an environment to make a painting of it in colors and forms other than reality. I think that "I have a nice place in between myself. In my painting too, a tree that is brown does not have to be brown. I like to exhibit with people who have been on that path for longer than me."

Frans Bianchi shows seven paintings he made in Normandy, France. "I have my heart there," he says. "Also because of the history and the personal experiences I have had there. I have been there many times and I have painted many times. If you come to Normandy, you will be touched by the atmosphere and in particular by the border of land and water , of the sea and clouds and what lies beyond. It is so beautiful there. The changes in light and weather offer me much as a dynamic, fast-acting painter. "

Side path
Jacob Kerssemakers has been focusing on color studies lately. Not in the sense of experimentation, but completed paintings in which he focused on what colors do with each other. He calls it "a side path" that he has taken. The works he shows in the DUNAatelier are made in Amsterdam and in Zeeland, but also at home in The Hague. Some after example, others are fantasy. "So it's not what I normally do as a square air painter," says Kerssemakers. "The side path that I have taken is like on vacation. Upon arrival at the destination, looking, feeling and experiencing pass. These paintings are much more colorful than I normally make. And they are smaller, not almost always very wide and very narrow "I find it refreshing to be much freer, nice and carefree and without prejudice looking at what I see."

Color and freshness
The work that the Russian, but living and working Anna Pavlova exhibits and works in the Netherlands could have been made anywhere, but it came about in the nature of Amsterdam's city parks and in the vicinity of the capital. "I have been painting flowers, trees and shrubs lately," she says. "You can handle them more freely and they are more colorful and dynamic than cityscapes, for example. I find it interesting to be able to exhibit together with other painters who pay attention to color and freshness. We form a good team that complements each other because we express ourselves differently and we use different techniques. "

The exhibition in the basement of the DUNAatelier on Boulevard Zeezijde, (Duinplein t.o. de Vuurbaak) in Katwijk is open from 8 to 30 June on Thursdays to Sundays from 2 pm to 5 pm. At the same time, on the ground floor of the DUNAatelier until 23 June, the exhibition Op’t Duin van Dirck Nab can be seen
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