Kiel artists between 1918 and 1945

September, 14th - November, 24th 2019


Künstlermuseum Heikendorf
Teichtor 9, Heikendorf


This exhibition, which will take place in two locations, focuses on the artists who worked in and around Kiel from the end of the First World War until the end of World War II. These artists include Georg Burmester, Heinrich Blunck, Werner Lange, Rudolf Behrend and Oscar Droege and members of the artists' colony Heikendorf.

In addition to the artist's museum Heikendorf is the city gallery
Kiel show a presentation. Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schulte-Wülwer, who with
The curator and initiator of this far-reaching insight has completed this exhibition cycle with a book on his art-scientific treatment of this region.

Site Plan Heikendorf