Koos van Tool

February 7th - June 28th 2020


Museum Veluwezoom / Kasteel Doorwerth
Fonteinallee 2b, Doorwerth


"My name is Koos van Tol, I have been active as a graphic artist for over 50 years.


Besides autonomous works of art I also have executed designs of fellow-artists for a long period of time. Doing this I adressed all aspects of the graphic craft: drawing, photography, design, typography, layout, printing (silkscreen and book printing), post-production etc.


For a number of years now I have devoted myself exclusively to my own autonomous work, drawing on a wealth of materials, means, experience and expertise.

Starting point for my nowaday's prints is always a photograph, that I modify till I have reached a satisfying result. In this process the hand and the eye of the graphic artist, that I am originally, play a predominant role.

Patterns, reflections, perspective or symmetry are often the themes. These I find frequently in architecture.

The prints are executed as c-prints on high-quality paper. They generally have the size of

A2 (42 x 59,4 cm), but every other size is possible."

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