Leberecht Migge, Sonja Alhäuser & Michael Schmidt

November, 17th 2019 - March, 8th 2020


Ostendorfer Straße 10, Worpswede


Große Kunstschau
Lindenallee 5, Worpswede


The Barkenhoff and the Große Kunstschau open their new theme and research cluster »de cultura« with a triad: art in the field of tension between land (nature) and nature, between aesthetics, ecology and economy. The museums are revisiting important aspects of the Worpswede art and intellectual history.


»Everyone has a garden!« Demanded the 1920 living in Worpswede, influential garden theorist Leberecht Migge. Plans and drawings make the variety of Migge's work between self-catering gardens and parks understandable. Michael Schmidt, one of the most important photographers of the last decades, shows a picture of our current food production in the 177 pictures of his series »Lebensmittel«. For Sonja Alhäuser there is nothing better than a party. Her sculptures and drawings, whether made of chocolate, butter or other delicacies, show sensual pleasure in all her varieties - food, love, flora and fauna, life and death.

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