Lisa Jürß

February, 2nd - April, 5th 2020


Kunstmühle Schwaan
Mühlenstraße 12, Schwaan


This exhibition honors an exceptional woman who is particularly connected to the city of Schwaan and Mecklenburg landscape painting.
Born and raised in Schwaan, she showed an early interest in art. While still training in the local pharmacy, she attended artistic circles at the adult education center in Rostock. This was followed by a degree in art education and history with special training in painting at the Ernst Moritz Arndt University in Greifswald, the further career path led to the State Museum in Schwerin.
From 1995 she turned to painting and when she retired she moved back to Schwaan. In her small studio in the middle of a large flower garden, many of the over 40 paintings presented were created. In the exhibition, we show a cross-section from the first oil paintings that were made while still studying to the most recent watercolors and pastels. The open landscape occupies a wide space with a high degree of abstraction, but garden pieces and still lifes are also represented in the collection.
The painter Lisa Jürß adds a personal contribution to the long series of pictures in Mecklenburg, which has inspired generations of artists since the romantic discovery of the romantics in the early 19th century and has inspired a wide variety of works.

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