Marie S. Ueltzen

April, 28th - June, 10th


Galerie Altes Rathaus
Bergstraße 1, Worpswede


Marie S. Ueltzen has always experimented in many artistic fields: as a painter, as an actress in low-budget films, as a fashion designer, poet or illustrator.
In 2005 she discovered during a stay in Normandy the carpet of Bayeux, one of the most notable monuments of the High Middle Ages, which represents the conquest of England until the Battle of Hastings from 1066 to 70 meters in length. She was fascinated by the loving approach and sublime effect of depicting war preparations, terrible atrocities and battle scenes. Then she learned in several monasteries the medieval monastery engraving and first used the embroidery technique as a means of transport of their stories and later combined this with painting and poetry.
Marie S. Ueltzen always collects stories - her own and from the world - makes dissecting snapshots and understands her work as a research assignment. The result is small-format embroidered drawings as well as large-format "tapestries" made of a mixed technique of embroidery and painting. The poetry of the world disaster, the pain in the soul, the desperate "being caught in the world" is a red thread through her work for decades. Thus, graphs of creature abysses line up and provoke through their superficially naive depiction.
Currently, she is developing new forms of embroidery and counteracting the usual procedure of pre-planning a work by placing spontaneous ideas on a fabric over a longer period of time. Thus she deliberately loses control. Only when there are hardly any free spaces left, does it unfold what has been created, and finally connects or separates what has been found and its elements with color.
Shown are u.a. new works of the "Infinite Series", graphs and tapestries.

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