Martin Zellerhoff

July, 7th 


Robert Koepke Haus
Polhof 1, Schieder-Schwalenberg


An exhibition of the Kunstverein Schieder-Schwalenberg opens at the Robert Koepke Haus on Juuly, 7th at 5 pm. The exhibition "Martin Zellerhoff - In the forest and at its edges" includes 27 large-format photographs by the Berlin artist Martin Zellerhoff in color and black and white from the years 2016 to 2019. It will be forest pieces from Colombia, France, Italy, as well as in Germany, forest landscapes from Berlin, Brandenburg, the Eifel and from Schwalenberg. Zellerhoff's point of departure for this exhibition is the apparent contradiction between our yearning for nature and the knowledge that nature will soon leave little more than a romanticizing image if we humans do not change our behavior.
Zellerhoff works with the large-format camera, which enables him to produce detailed and multi-layered images. They live on the tension between the foreground and the background, the concentrated handling of the tonal values ​​and the density in the image composition.
Martin Zellerhoff, born in 1964, studied photography in Berlin, Essen, Helsinki and Leipzig and was a student of Thomas Struth. At the heart of the artistic work of Martin Zellerhoff is a critical examination of the medium of photography and its effect on our perception. With its own history as an introduction and the development of the medium in the background, the artist shows us how changing our approach to technical images influences our understanding of reality.


Martin Zellerhoff lives and works in Berlin. His works are in major collections, both public and private, and are presented internationally.


Opening: Sun 7th July 2019 at 17:00 h. The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalog and a special edition.

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