Matisse and Picasso

July, 5th - September 6th 2020


Robert Koepke Haus
Polhof 1, Schieder Schwalenberg (D)


Aftter the corona-related break of the museums, the highlight of the exhibition year starts in Schwalenberg on July 5: the two great artists of the 20th century, Henri Matisse (1869-1954) and Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) with 70 graphic works. The exhibition was relocated from the Municipal Gallery to the Robert Koepke House in order to comply with the current distance rules. "Here we can wonderfully honor these two great masters of the 20th century and present the visitors with an interesting and exciting exhibition of the mutual relationship in the artistic sense of these two pioneers of modernism," said Jörg Düning-Gast, head of the Lippe regional association .
"Dr. Mayarí Granados and her team from the cultural agency have been working flat out over the past few weeks to bring these two important masters of modernism to Schwalenberg, even in the current difficult times, and it was a success, ”said Mayor Jörg Bierwirth. In the summer months, the painter's town of Schwalenberg can offer a high-quality cultural program to the hopefully numerous tourists who spend their vacation in their own country.


Henri Matisse, together with André Derain, is considered the founder of Fauvism, Picasso, who is 12 years younger, shaped Cubism.
The two artists are often described as opposites. Nevertheless, both played a crucial role in the expression of modern art.

In 1906 Picasso and Matisse met the siblings Gertrude and Leo Stein in the Paris Salon. Since then, she has enjoyed a friendship based on creative rivalry and mutual respect.
The contrast between the two artists was shown in the fundamental questions about the character of the image and the meaning of art. Picasso wanted the dissonant, Matisse the harmonious picture. Neither Matisse nor Picasso ever took the step of complete abstraction. In Matisse’s imagery, the color acquires an autonomous character through extensive decorative and ornamental use, leaving out its spatial design aspects. Picasso finds the way to cubism, his forms become independent in geometric abstraction.
Matisse died on November 3rd, 1954. Picasso was deeply affected by the death of his old friend and rival. The dialogue between Matisse and Picasso did not end with the death of Matisse. In his works, Picasso always referred to his friend in old age, especially with artistic quotations.
The exhibition in the Robert Koepke Haus shows a comparison in form and color of the two great artists, with 35 graphic works by Matisse and 35 graphic works by Picasso.


The works are on loan from the Sundermann Fine Art Gallery in Würzburg.


Opening times: Tuesday to Sunday 2 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.
Admission: Adults: € 2.50, reduced: € 2.00, children up to 12 years free.

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