Monika-Maria Dotzer

until May, 30th


Künstlermuseum Heikendorf-Kieler Förde
Teichtor 9, 24226 Heikendorf



With this presentation, the Künstlermuseum Heikendorf-Kieler Förde pays tribute to the work of Kronshagen-based artist Monika-Maria Dotzer, who lives in Kronshagen. She was born in Stolp/Pomerania and celebrates her 80th birthday this year. Monika-Maria Dotzer began her broad-based artistic education in 1973: she became a guest student at the Muthesius Academy of Art in Kiel (Prof. Skodlerrak), took private lessons (among others with the Kiel painter Werner Rieger), participated five times in the summer academy in Salzburg (Jim Dine, Prof. Janez Lenassi, Geoffrey Hendricks), attended the Federal Academy in Wolfenbüttel (Prof. Thiele) and courses at Pentiment (FHS) in Hamburg (among others with Prof. Eun Ro). 1989 she felt secure enough to work as a freelance artist. The result a remarkably varied and high-quality oeuvre has emerged. In addition to large-format landscape, flower and figure paintings, including self-portraits, the artist paints dynamic patterns of movement abstracted with oil paint. She devoted a not inconsiderable part of her artistic activity to the theme of the apple, which found expression not only in her paintings but also in her prints. Finely graded watercolours show still lifes of flowers and kitchens, but also quickly applied landscape studies and travel sketches. Further studies in ink and pencil show the artist's appropriation of the world. Monika-Maria Dotzer likes to work experimentally. Thus, large and small, dancing figures and three-dimensional heads are created from bent wire. and three-dimensional heads. For her, bending wire in different thicknesses is like "drawing with wire". like "drawing with wire". From fragments of coloured skin, which the artist also calls which the artist also calls "pallet dirt", are used to create little stories such as such as "the miracle", "the angler", "the little green stone biter" or "two ladies". or "Two Ladies" on smaller formats and on a large ground. "I am happy when these designs have humorous overtones," she says happily. she is pleased. In the exhibition, visitors will find mice and heads made of felt.... Shaping from unspun wool is a sculptural process and has an almost meditative character for Monika-Maria Dotzer in contrast to working with granite, marble or wood, which means real physical effort for her. Art books such as "Noli me tangere", "Seh-Reise" and "Drahtig" will also be on display in the exhibition. "I want to give contemporary expression to my works with imagination, spontaneity and obstinacy. In doing so, the intuitive is more important to me than reality or unreality," says the artist. 

Monika-Maria Dotzer is a member of GEDOK Schleswig-Holstein, the Multiple-Art Association, Kunstraum B and the Pomeranian Artists' Association (PKB). Since 1992 her artworks have been presented in many group (Salzburg, Northern Germany, Poland) and solo exhibitions (Northern Germany, Stolp/Pomerania).
The Künstlermuseum is pleased to be able to provide a comprehensive insight into her work with this presentation, which also includes her most recent painting, and extends its warmest congratulations on her birthday.


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