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Emile Van Dorenmuseum


Henri Decleenestraat 21, B-600 Genk
tel.: +32 89 65 38 10


The Emile Van Doren museum tells the story of Genk as a station d’artistes. In the period 1840-1940, more than three hundred painters resided in Genk to capture its idyllic landscape for eternity on canvas.


The seeds of the museum were sown back in 1956 by the legacy of Stéphanie (Fanny) Van Doren, the artist’s daughter after whom the museum was named. The city of Genk inherited the villa known as Le Coin Perdutogether with many of the original contents, including numerous paintings. It took a while, but in accordance with Fanny’s wish, twenty years later - in 1976 - the villa opened its doors as a museum. 


The Emile Van Doren museum proved to be a success, attracting visitors from far and wide. Thirty years later after its first opening, the museum was renovated. It reopened in 2010, now subtitled house of landscape and art, for as well as telling the story of Emile Van Doren, prominence was given to the long history of Genk as a station d’artistes. Furthermore, the museum no longer only looked back on the past but its remit was also extended to contemporary art in relation to the landscape.

In this context, the museum has developed a residence program for contemporary artists. Artists are invited to be inspired by Genk and its landscape today, looking back at the past as inspiration and foundation, but fully embedded in the (art) landscape of today.


Current exhibition: Life and Light of Edmond Verstraeten 



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